ㆍThe Master Course
ㆍIntroduction to Creative Confections
ㆍIntroduction to Gum Paste
ㆍIntroduction to Isomalt Design
ㆍIntroduction to Rolled Fondant
ㆍIntroduction to Sugar Artistry
Advanced Decorating Courses
ㆍAdvanced Sugar Artistry with Laurie Bradach
ㆍBeyond Masters: Building and Decorating Real Tiered Cakes
ㆍChocolate Inspirations 1 with Pam Vieau
ㆍChocolate Inspirations 2 with Pam Vieau
ㆍGum Paste and Fondant with Colette Peters
ㆍGum Paste Flowers with Nicholas Lodge
ㆍLambeth and Australian Methods
ㆍNovelty Cake Decorating with Maisie Parrish
Three-Day Workshops
ㆍAdvanced Fondant Art with Laurie Bradach
ㆍAdvanced Workshop with Colette Peters
ㆍCake Decorating Camp for Kids
ㆍCake Sculpting
ㆍDecorating Workshop
ㆍGingerbread Workshop
ㆍHoliday Cookies and Miniature Pastries
One-Day Workshops
ㆍArt of Sweet Tables
ㆍBaking Workshop
ㆍBasics of Cake Icing and Decorating
ㆍBrittles & More
ㆍCaramels and Gourmet Fudge
ㆍCharacter Cakes
ㆍChocolate Clay Basket
ㆍConfections Workshop
ㆍCookie Basket
ㆍCookie Jar Class
ㆍCreate a Cookie
ㆍCrisps, Crumbles, Cobblers and Coffeecakes
ㆍCupcake Fun
ㆍCupcakes Galore for the Holidays
ㆍFill, Frost & Ice
ㆍFondant For The Holidays
ㆍFondant Fun!
ㆍHard Candies & Lollipops
ㆍHoliday Candy Making
ㆍHoliday Icing Flowers
ㆍIcing Flowers
ㆍIntroduction to Chocolate - Fall Treats
ㆍIntroduction to Chocolate - Holiday Treats
ㆍIntroduction to Chocolate - Springtime Treats
ㆍPies and Tarts
ㆍQuick & Simple Holiday Savories
ㆍQuick and Simple Savories
ㆍRolled Fondant
ㆍSimple and Easy Chocolate Confections
ㆍSugar Artistry for the Holidays
ㆍWedding Cake Assembly
Three-Hour Workshops
ㆍBasket with Cookie Pops
ㆍEverything Roses
ㆍFather's Day Gift Idea
ㆍIce & Fill
ㆍIcings - Is There A Difference?
ㆍLamb Cake
ㆍMother's Day Basket
ㆍShowcasing Your Cakes on the Internet
ㆍStarting Your Own Cake Business - Where to Begin?
ㆍStringwork & Borders